2016 Volume I Internet Sale

Topp Herefords Internet Sale Ad 2016Thursday, September 22, 2016
Elite show heifers, donor prospects, embryos and semen

Selling on SmartAuctions.co
Horse race closing format
Closing at 7 pm CDT

Heifers are available for viewing at the ranch.

To view and bid from your smartphone, text “TOPP” to 52182.
For more information, contact Dustin Layton at 405-464-2455 beginning Monday, September 19, 2016.

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Topp Herefords is a family-run operation located in North Central North Dakota. Topp Herefords will be holding its 17th Annual Bull Sale in 2017. As an operation that has always taken pride in herd bull production, Topp Herefords has assembled a cowherd that has proven to produce cattle with a phenotype that performs in the real world. The females selling are heifers that will be competitive in the show ring but, more importantly, will be superior producing females.

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Click the registration number to view pedigree and EPD information on Herfnet.

Embryo & Semen Packages

Lot 115: Embryo Package 22U x 11X (P42898593P43101172)


22U has been one of our lead donors for several years. The predictably in her udder type, volume and phenotype makes her a package worth consideration.

Lot 116: Embryo Package 901 x Lambeau 17Y (P43050753 x P43171190)

Lot 117: Embryo Package 901 x Playmaker 14Z (P43050753 x P43294102)


A full sister to Masterpiece 0220.  The 901 female is a combination of phenotype, balance and a popular pedigree.  The proven marketability of her pedigree makes this package attractive.

Lot 118: 10 Units Semen Package – Pioneer 358C (P43596960)

Lot 119: 10 Units Semen Package – Pioneer 358C (P43596960)

TH Pioneer 358C was our high selling bull in 2016.  358C is flanked by some of the most prominent females at TH including 89T, 16G, 403A and 71U.  358C was the only bull used in the TH ET program in 2016 producing over 200 embryos with very few unfertilized eggs.  He was also the heaviest used bull in our AI program.  Never before has TH put so much faith in a young sire.