Customer Comments

Experience the Difference

We sold our calves to SB&B in August for November 1 delivery. With the Bank and Wall Street meltdown, cattle down $20 per cwt., we were a bit nervous. We had no down payment; we shipped our cattle Saturday November 1st. Faxed the weights to Tom and received our check on Wednesday. Tom’s word is good. Topp Herefords and SB&B not only have good cattle; they are honest and straight forward people who are great to do business with.

— Motley, MN Producer

Four years ago we began an association with TH/SB&B Alliance. It has been a very rewarding experience. We crossed Topp Hereford Bulls on our black baldie cows. Through AI or actual Bulls, Ryan helped us find crosses that work well on our small to medium framed cows. The proof of the TH Genetics for us has been in the data we receive back from SB&B on each individual. Other factors we enjoy are:

  • Ease of delivery date – SB&B allows us to deliver when it fits our schedule.
  • No extra fees to pay (yardage, feed, commission, etc.).
  • Off-the-farm appraisal, forward contracting (which has been awesome!) and the carcass data and conversion results make it a win-win alliance for us.

— McHenry, ND Producer

Topp Herefords bulls have added pounds as well as great dispositions. We have been selling our calves to SB&B the last two years and have seen tremendous value in direct marketing.

— Richardton, ND Producer

I decided a few years ago to use Hereford bulls on some of my Angus cows to raise some good black baldie replacements. I visited with a number of neighbors and associates in the industry, asking each where I should go to buy a good Hereford bull. I received the same answer every time…”I don’t know, but if I could find the right kind I would definitely use some Hereford bulls on my cow herd!” After traveling a five state area, and testing bulls from several different breeders, I found Topp Herefords. 3 years later I’m glad to say I finally found the right kind.

— Hot Springs, SD Producer

The performance and consistency are what we like about our Topp-sired calves. Last year we marketed our calves through the TH/SB&B Alliance. It was a great feeling that you knew exactly what your pay check was going to be. We will definitely do it again this year. The Alliance is a WIN WIN for everyone involved.”

— Thief River Falls, MN Producer

We began hearing more and more about hybrid vigor and the advantages of cross breeding and heterosis, and thought we should try something. Since our Black Angus Bulls were moderate birth weight bulls and we were happy with the “get up and go” of the Angus calves on cold March mornings, we decided to hold back our Polled Hereford bulls until about three weeks into the breeding season. Imagine our pleasant surprise that fall when we noticed our later born black baldy calves were the same size as their older black cousins. The baldy calves had caught up! That fall we were able to fill the ring with similar sized steer calves, and were rewarded appropriately.

An added bonus was that neighbors began to call and ask about our baldy heifers for breeding purposes. Since we generally kept the blacks for ourselves, this worked out very nicely. Our baldy heifers always bring a premium.

Turning out the Black Angus bulls first than the Polled Herefords about a month into the breeding season has worked out very well for us. Hybrid vigor and heterosis works! We’ll continue to use Topp Hereford Bulls in our breeding program.

— Linton, ND Producer

My experience working with Topp Herefords has been great! Ryan, Prairie, Sue & Steve are all very professional in their jobs, and are willing to help you out any way they can. The genetics you will find in Ryan’s herd are second to none, my F1 cross calves don’t take a back seat to any other sire group in my pastures. I am looking forward to a great set of black baldy replacement females as well. I recently finished by first set of Topp genetics,, and the carcass data came back with great numbers. This is definitely a program to check out.

— Fullerton, ND Producer

Ryan’s progressive leadership and approach to the seedstock and commercial livestock business is unparalleled in the cattle industry. His solid and forward moving programs aid all who are using Topp genetics and his continued guidance adds calue to our respective cattle operations. The integrity brought to the cattle industry by Topp Herefords is the same that is so respected in all forward moving businesses today. Thank you for assisting Williams Hilltop Polled Hereford operation.

— Rochester, MN Producer